A Few Of The Best Places To Vacation With Your Lover

Where To Vacation With Your Married Lover

We understand that sometimes you want to get away with your lover, but you also want to be discreet about it. Unless you are a travel journalist, taking a random trip to Paris will look terribly suspicious. So, how can you get a weekend away with your mistress? Here are some tips to help you get some down time with your affair.


Tell your partner that work has been stressing you out non stop and your boss suggested you just take a weekend and relax at a spa to calm down your mind. A supportive partner will be totally ok with this and will probably enjoy a weekend to themselves as well. This way when spa charges show up on your credit card bill there’s no need to lie.

Surrounding States

There’s a good chance that your work isn’t sending you overseas to work for a weekend. However, it is likely that you will end up going to a surrounding state. Why not take your lover to a hotel in the next state over? You won’t have to worry about running into anyone you know and you can be in public with them and actually go on real dates.

Huffington Post has come up with a great list of fun places to go with your mistress.

Business Trips

If your job allows you to have business trips, take your lover with you. Obviously, don’t leave or come back with them. Always get them to meet you there. This is great chance for you to spend some time with them and have it be paid for. Plus, your partner won’t ask questions about why you were away. It’s for business. Huffington Post makes some great posts in this article about affairs on business trips.


If you are rich enough to have a cottage, just add that you want a fishing weekend and that your partner should treat themselves to a guy’s weekend (if you’re the wife) or a spa weekend. They will be occupied with having fun with their friends and won’t even question if you are going up to the cottage alone. Book something in the Hamptons right now.

While these suggestions might not be Brazil, the beach or Paris, these are suggestions for you to keep your affair hot, and be able to go out in public without getting caught. Remember to always be smart, answer your phone when your partner calls, don’t post any photos of the two of you on social media and just relax. Affairs aren’t meant to be stressful.

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