Tricks To Be Sexier In The Bedroom With Your Lover

How To Be Sexier In The Bedroom With Your Married Lover

When it comes to getting your married lover to spoil you for a long time, you need to start being more creative in the bedroom. So, here are some tips to keep them interested for the long haul so the spoiling doesn’t stop and you can keep having your fun. Being sexy can mean new moves, new clothes and giving them a little something to think about while they are away from you. It will drive them crazy and make them want you more.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Ideas

Go online and search new things to do in the bedroom. As long as it’s not terribly far out of your comfort zone, there’s no harm in trying something new. They will thank you for it in the end. They come to you to get what they aren’t getting at home. So, why not go a little crazy and spice things up a bit? Try a little light choking or being tied up, add food or ice cubes into the mix. Blindfold each other and relay on your senses to make things hotter. A few things to try to keep him interested for longer.

Go Shopping

Take his credit card and go out and splurge on new lingerie. Send him photos of you trying each one on with a sexy message like “Can’t wait to see you” or “Can’t wait for you to tear this off me.” He will be running red lights to get to your apartment faster. Plus, you get sexy new lingerie out of it. Lastly, your photos will drive him crazy all day long.


There is something so sexy about sending your lover a message or two through out the day about how you want them or can’t wait to perform some form of sexual act on them. It’ll drive them crazy knowing how much you want them. They come to you to feel wanted and you’re making them feel just that. You make them feel sexy and adventurous. Keep this up and they will be coming to you for a long long time. Check out these tips to help you be better at sexting and make him crave you.

Make sex the most fun it can be with these different kinds of sex as written by Cosmopolitan.

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