Famous Television Cheaters And What They Did Wrong

Famous TV Cheaters And What They Did Wrong

If TV has taught us anything, it’s that we get to see an affair from all the angles and we can clearly see what they did wrong to get caught. Let’s learn from these fictional shows and not get caught the way that they did.

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How I Met Your Mother – Ted Mosby

In his earlier and younger years, Ted was dating Victoria and trying to make it work long distance when he found out that Robin loved him back. Before he could break up with Victoria, he started hooking up with Robin. The only reason he got caught was because he got his phones mixed up and Robin answered a call from Victoria.

Lesson: Don’t Leave your phone unattained. Even if you aren’t sure which phone is yours.

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One Tree Hill – Nathan and Brooke

After Hayden and Nathan broke up, and Nathan married Hailey, we all thought the drama with them was done. Until a sex tape showed up out of the blue featuring their best friend Brooke with Nathan while he was dating Hayden. This obviously caused everyone to be furious at the both of them for lying and cheating and hiding it from them for so many years.

Lesson: Never film your affair. You never know where it will end up.

Married – Russ

This is a different take on cheating. Russ and Lina have been married for years and have three children together, but Lina just doesn’t have the energy to have sex with him and allows him to cheat with her permission. This is not the jackpot you would want it to be. He realizes that they have to give up on fantasies, they have given up on intimacy and their relationship has become two friends who happen to have children together.

Lesson: Just because cheating is allowed, means your relationship has deeper problems.

Watching shows about affairs can make your partner have suspicions. Make sure to not be making any mistakes. Take the advice from A Practical Wedding.

You can see how they obviously screwed up their relationships. Take a lesson from them and try not to do the things that they did. You will have a happier and longer affair if you are smart and can learn from the mistakes of others. Cheating is becoming more and more apparent within television shows such as The Good Wife, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, The OC, etc. Learn from their mistakes, and know when the affairs ends and when the relationship ends. It’s no longer black and white with having an affair. It’s a million shades of grey.

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