An In Depth List Of Famous Fictional Affairs Out There

Famous Fictional Affairs

We all know that cheating and having affairs are not a new subject, they have been around since the cavemen realized they could have more than one cavewoman. We have put together a rather fun a in-depth list of famous fictional affairs that have happened through out the decades.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Book 1925, Movie 2013)

This tells the story of Daisy and Gatsby who loved each other and had a torrid affair, but Daisy was married to Tom and in the end when Gatsby begged her to leave him, she refused. When he was shot in his home, all she did was move away with Tom and never looked back.

Having affairs in the movies has been selling out seats for years. This list goes deep with the best films out there about having an affair.

Same Time Next Year (Movie, 1978)

A couple meets up every year at the same time in the same place to re-kindle their affair. While they are both married to other people, they find comfort in each others arms. In the end, they go back to their spouses and go on with their lives.

Anna Karenina (Book 1878, Movie 2012)

19th century Russian high society socialite, Anna has a deep affair on Count Alexei with the gorgeous Count Vronsky. While they try to hide it, they are found it and it leads to Anna’s tragic death.

We all love a good love affair written in pen, here is a top ten list of forbidden love.

The Scarlet Letter (Book 1850, Movie 1995)

The story of a woman who cheats on her husband and is forced to sport the scarlet letter so that everyone knows she is a cheater for everyone to see and scold. Causing her life to take a turn for the worst. In the end her husband, the man she loved and herself all die and her grave is marked with a red A.

Novels for centuries have been romanticizing having a affair and it works. Flavorwire puts it in perspective with this list.

The Other Woman (Movie 2014)

Leslie Mann finds out her husband is cheating on her with not only one, but two girls (Kate Uptown and Cameron Diaz). Once they all realize he is not only a cheating bastard, they find out he’s a dirty crook, they ban together to ruin his life. Including giving him a ton of laxative while out a fancy restaurant, giving him hormone medication for women, and best of all – outing his plans to his boss and the Feds. Which lands in him with nothing.

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