Famous Affairs On The Silver Screen

Famous Affairs In Movies

It’s a tale as old as time; Married man meets woman, they fall in love, things go awry. It makes for great cinema, you can’t deny it. Affairs sell seats. They can be beautiful or they can be tragic, but no matter what the outcome, you are hooked throughout the entire film. They are sexy. They make you want to lead a double life like these people, just don’t make the same mistakes they did.

The Top 10 Hottest Movies About Having An Affair. In case you needed something to watch with your mistress.

Unfaithful (2002)

Richard Gere learns that his wife and mother to his children had an affair. When he tries to confronts the man she had the affair, he ends up killing him by accident. They work together to throw the police off their scent and in the end they end up back in love with each other.

Sometimes an affair is all you need to bring each other back together. Just don’t kill anyone.

Love Actually (2003)

This Christmas movie has a tragic story of betrayal. When Emma Thompson thinks husband Alan Rickman got her a necklace for Christmas only to find out it was for another woman, their relationship falls apart. They both end up alone.

Affairs don’t always end with happiness and somethings always get found out. Sometimes nobody wins.

The Graduate (1964)

Benjamin graduates from college and gets seduced by Mrs. Robinson, a married friend of his parents. As their affair begins, he develops a relationship with her daughter, Elaine, who Mrs. Robinson states the he can never date her daughter. When their relationship is found out, Elaine is forced to marry someone else and Benjamin stops the wedding and the two leave together on the bus.

Affairs can happen at any age, don’t count out the young college student or the bored housewife. As well, an affair can lead to you finding who you are meant to be with.

The Best Cheating Wife Movies

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Michael Douglas is super successful and happily married, but he has a moment of weakness and sleeps with Glenn Close. She goes crazy and threatens not only his life, but the life of his family. In the end, Glenn tries to kill him and his wife with a kitchen knife, but luckily Michael shoots her, ending this horrible mess.

Always make sure your affair is with someone stable.

Why do films about cheating sell out theaters, and why are they so damn hot? Quora discusses all this and more for inquiring minds.

Learn From Movie Affairs’ Mistakes By Having The Best Affair Online Now

If we can take away anything from the motion pictures, it is that while affairs are hot, they must be treaded lightly. They can be a passionate fire or they can be something that brings you and your partner closer together. Don’t have one in a moment of weakness, plan it out, know what you are getting into and always have an escape plan in case things ever go bad. Plan out having a safe and sexy affair with someone today with one of our recommended affair dating sites.