Affair Dating Scam! Affair Dating Scam! Sugar Baby Dating That’s Lousy leads to disappointment if its women that you want for an affair. It is just a scam and does not give you what it says it will. This is a complete SCAM dating site that has so many fake profiles and makes promises that it is not capable of following through on.

At the start of my affair dating experience, I was eager to sign up and find myself a lady or two (or three) and THEAFFAIRSITE.COM seemed as though it would be THE site to give me exactly what it was that I was looking for. I was interested in finding a hot younger gal who wanted a discreet affair and I was willing to help her out by paying for her time. I like younger women and thought that if I made our affair a business arrangement, I wouldn’t have to worry about any real attachment since I’m not capable of that at this time. I wanted to find someone who was looking for some companionship, dating and a little bit of excitement to go along with it. Well, let me tell you that this is NOT what I got with! There was not one girl who was looking for the same things as myself, which left me completely disappointed in the entire experience.


What To Expect

I signed up and set my sights on finding sugar babies who I could shower with gifts and money and thought that would be the site to deliver. I was confident at the start that I would find a sugar baby, or a few of them, who I would have a connection with so that we could have a good time. So I created my profile and started my journey with Here’s how I fared over the 3 months that I was a member.

147 messages sent
11 responses
3 dates
1 hookup

I set out with a success rate in mind right from the start and it became clear quickly that this was a huge mistake. is the WORST scam site!

Negative Features Of

TOO MUCH MONEY FOR WHAT YOU GET: The sugar babies on the site are not that attractive and they are definitely NOT HOT. THEAFFAIRSITE.COM does not make sure that the women who join the site are hot at all, in fact, there are many that are downright UGLY! I mean if I’m paying good money to be a part of a dating site, I expect it to deliver and that did not happen with

PROMISE OF HUNDREDS OF MATCHES: When I first checked out the site to see if I wanted to join, I was promised that there would be hundreds of ladies that would be a perfect match for me. That these ladies were looking for rich older men, like myself, to take them out on dates and then take care of them both financially and in the bedroom too. I sent tons of messages to potential matches and received very few responses. Often waiting several days to even receive the responses that I did get. What was worse is that it was clear that several of the responses that I received were fake as they were almost all the same or they were filled with the same spelling errors. What a HUGE disappointment, I’d gotten my hopes up when I saw that I had a new message and then when I read the message realized that the ‘sugar baby’ was probably another fake.

Is It Worth It?

THEAFFAIRSITE.COM is not worth spending your valuable money on, or your valuable time for that matter! The site claims that if you sign up and pay for a membership you will have immense success. Well, let me tell you that this is completely FALSE! My success rate was terrible. I can NOT recommend this site to anyone in good conscience. I must warn you though to do some research for yourself first before you sign up and do your research. A good idea would be for you to check out other dating reviews at Top Affair Dating Site Reviews. I know that there are some good sugar baby dating sites out there that will give you EXACTLY what it is that you are looking for, unfortunately, this is NOT the site that will.