Heatedaffairs.com: You Won’t Find Any Affairs Here!

Heatedaffairs.com: You Won’t Find Any Affairs Here!

Heatedaffairs.com: A Complete Waste

Heatedaffairs.com claims to be the No.1 affair dating site. If you’re a man searching for a woman for an affair, you won’t find it here. I can’t even begin to explain just how terrible this site actually is! From the moment you sign up, you quickly realize that it is a complete SCAM! HeatedAffairs.com leads you to believe that you don’t have to pay to use the site, but if you actually want to send any messages in an attempt to meet anyone, you’ve got to pay and pay big you will! The membership is NOT cheap and what you get for it is simply not worth it. HEATEDAFFAIRS.COM is not user-friendly and it takes far too long to sign up and create your profile, only to be matched up with women
who aren’t what you’re looking for at all!


What To Expect

So, when I first decided to give the site a try, I opted for the free membership to see if I would even like what the site had to offer. Well, that was a big mistake! I couldn’t message a single girl, nor could I receive messages. Basically, all I could do was look at who heatedaffairs.com claimed to be their members, and that was it. I feel as though I was backed into a corner, I then decided to pay for a membership, hoping that things would improve once I did. Here’s how being a member of HeatedAffairs.com worked out for me for the 3 months that I was part of the site.

137 messages sent
17 responses
7 dates set up (3 of which actually showed)
0 hookups

Negative Features Of Heatedaffairs.com

PROFILES FULL OF LIES I honestly thought that this would be a good way for me as a married man to find beautiful young women who were into older men like myself. Wow, was I wrong! Most of the girls that I was matched up with seemed too good to be true and after a bit of digging, most were. The information the these so-called women provided in their profiles was not true or exaggerated in many cases. It was easy to spot when I started to see a trend in the profiles, that the women often seemed to live in the same place, or that they all had the same interests or occupations. I quickly became disappointed with what I was seeing. And the dates that I did actually go on seemed rehearsed, like these women were sent out to keep me using the site.

NO SHOWS FOR DATES: My first clue should have been the responses that I received from these fembots. They were all so similar and many had common errors within the text from one response to the next. I just don’t get it, why take the time to respond and set up a date, even if you’re not who you say you are to just not show up to the agreed meeting place? What a colossal waste of my time and let me just say that my time is worth a lot!

COSTS TOO MUCH: You WILL be disappointed with how much it costs to become a member when you see just how little you get out of HeatedAffairs.com. Save your money for a GOOD online dating site where you’ll be able to find REAL women who are eager to meet you!

Is It Worth It?

I strongly urge you not to waste your time with HEATEDAFFAIRS.COM. Don’t sign up for a site that isn’t going to give you what it is that you are looking for, in fact, you’re not going to get anything from this site at all. Please, please, please, save yourself the disappointment a find a dating site that will actually hook you up with sugar babies who want you to spend money on them and are interested in you. You can do this by checking out reviews at: Top Affair Dating Site Reviews. This is the site that will help you to find the affair with a young woman that you’re looking for.