A Disastrous Online Dating Experience A Disastrous Online Dating Experience

Don’t Spend A Minute Of Your Time On is by far the worst of the worst in online dating sites. The entire site is a complete fake, there aren’t women worth dating at all. When I first decided to join, I was so excited to see if I could find what I was truly searching for, hot younger mistresses who wanted to be showered with passion and gifts and that I could take care of in exchange for being my arm candy when I needed it and of course for hot, racy sex. I can not explain how disgusted I am with this entire experience. I’ve been lied to and misled every step of the way! To say that I am unhappy with the outcome of my time on is a gross understatement. Yes, it was easy to join and create an account, but what I don’t get is that if you’re going to ask me hundreds of questions to apparently set me up with the perfect matches, why didn’t it EVER seem to work?


What To Expect

I gave GETANAFFAIR.COM a real shot, mostly because I kept thinking that it had to get better. So, I continued to be a member for 3 long, terrible months. Here are my results from these 3 months of using the site:

191 messages sent
17 responses
2 dates
0 hookups

Negative Features Of

DOESN’T DELIVER PROMISED RESULTS The site boasts that you WILL find exactly what it is that you are looking for, in my case, young women, and that you WILL be successful. What a load of crap! I was so unsuccessful, had I been any more so, I would have been going backwards. I paid for a membership and got NOTHING out of it! 2 dates in three months does not cut it for the high membership fees!

TERRIBLE MOBILE APP claims that it has one of the best mobile apps out there on the web today. This is not the case at all. The app either doesn’t even start and it crashes every time that you try to start it. If by some miracle you do get the app to start, it doesn’t work and usually, you end up having to restart your phone just to get out of the app altogether.

SO MANY FAKE PROFILES I received two messages from a sexy girl who had the same profile picture. Each email had different user names. One sugar baby claimed to be 25, brunette and into having kinky one night stands, while the other one said she was 28, brunette and looking for a guy who wanted a serious long-term affair. BUT this was from the same person! Or at least a picture of the same person! I was mad once I realized what was going on, I immediately sent an email to and of course I never heard back from anyone as to why this happened. Obviously, I realized that there are a lot of fake profiles once this happened.

Is It Worth It?

As a rich successful older man who is looking for a stunning younger gal who I can have an affair with, I was SO disappointed with what I actually found on Not once did I actually find exactly what it was that I set out for when I first signed up on the site. My results were totally not worth the money that I spent to be part of the site. I have no problem spending a decent amount of money if I get what it is that is promised to me, but to actually have the same picture used by two different people that responded to me is just unacceptable. When my time is so valuable I just can’t justify spending any of it on GETANAFFAIR.COM. It doesn’t matter if you’re like me and you’re looking for hot, young mistresses who put out and satisfy you sexually your wife can’t, this is not the site that is going to give you what you want. So, put away your credit card and be sure to check out more online dating reviews at Top Affair Dating Site Reviews.