Lies, Lies And So Many More Lies:

Lies, Lies And So Many More Lies: Online Dating Riddled With Lies is a dating site that is filled with so many false promises and lies upon lies, upon lies! The women are ugly inside and out! Not a single good thing can come out of this site! The women are liars who will steer any situation to make it work best of them and to hell with anyone else. When I decided to give online dating a try, I decided to go with a site that I’d heard a lot of advertising for which was I figured that if there was a lot of advertising for it ,there had to be people who were using it that were successful and happy with their results. The site is FILLED WITH LIARS, sad women who are not what they seem and stalkers. To be honest, I wanted to find a woman who I could make a real connection with, someone who I would like to spend time with and who was intelligent enough to have a real conversation with. I did NOT find that here at all, in fact, it was quite the opposite.


What To Expect

I do not have time right now in my life, since I have two kids and a wife who is so addicted to chips and Netflix. I am very busy with work and just wanted to meet a nice girl who I could have fun with when I had the time to and not have to worry about her when I was busy with my family. So, I thought that finding a nice girl on would be the key, that I would get what I wanted and be able to give her what she wanted and not have to worry about any attachment. I made a commitment to give a try for 3 months.

Have a look at my results for these 3 months:
172 messages sent
16 responses
7 dates
0 hookups

What a completely phony scam site! There are so many glaring problems with ASHLEYMADISON.COM, I can’t even begin to tell you them all, but first and foremost this site is RIDDLED WITH FAKE PROFILES and is a COMPLETE SCAM! No wonder why they have so much advertising out there. They get so many men to sign up and throw money at them, that they can afford to spend big bucks on advertising. The main problem is the lack of women on the site!

Negative Features Of

NO HOT WOMEN TO DATE There are so few women on the site that I quickly noticed that as I searched there would be women with different screen names, but the same picture was used over and over again! Maybe thinks they can fool most men, but they didn’t fool me, not for a second!

TONS OF LIARS: has so many liars on it. The women are clearly lying about who they are and how old they are. It’s obvious that many of the profiles are fakes as they are filled with either the same information or they have the same spelling errors, I mean, come on!

STALKERS, STALKERS, STALKERS Of the few women that I did find that were real, several of them latched on to me like I was the last rich man on earth! They wanted me to give them the world with little promise of anything in return and they would not stop messaging me, even when I made it clear that nothing was going to happen. I already have one nag in my life who doesn’t bang me, I do NOT need another.

Is It Worth It?

Honestly, although a few of my friends had already tried out and warned me to stay away, I wanted to give it a try because I truly believe that this had to be the site that would help me to find women who were perfect for me. Well, lesson learned, that’s for sure. This site was disastrous right from the start and I should have given up before I spent too much money and too much time looking for something and someone that I was never going to find on ASHLEYMADISON.COM. My best advice here is that you need to check out more online dating reviews at Top Affair Dating Site Reviews. Needless to say, I promptly canceled my membership after my 3-month trial and haven’t looked back for a second!