The Worst Site To Find Affairs! The Worst Site To Find Affairs! The Worst Dating Site is the worst site to find women who are looking for men who want to find hot, younger women to have an affair with. This site does not deliver even a little bit of what it promises! My entire experience has been awful right from the start and that’s why I’m taking a few minutes to let everyone know why it’s not worth your time to join Let me tell you that if you do decide to join, you WILL be EXTREMELY disappointed with what you find here! If you are looking for a woman for a discreet one night stand or even a long term thing, you will not find it here. There are only fake profiles and fake girls who are on


What To Expect

I wanted to be sure to find a hot young gal who was looking for a rich older man like myself to treat her well, lavish her with gifts and money, but she had to be available when I wanted to see her and she had to be discreet about the relationship as well. I’m a well-established man in the community and the last thing that I needed was everyone else knowing what I was doing, who I was doing it with and of course that I was having an affair. To be fair to the site, I wanted to be sure to give it a real shot. So, here are my results after 3 months of use:

165 messages sent
17 responses
2 messages received (both were spam)
4 dates
0 hookups

The ladies that I actually made dates with were the only real girls on the site, all the other girls I tried to make dates with either, fell through, didn’t respond at all or had a stock picture as their profile picture. You’d think on a site where it was clear from the start that I was willing to shower a mistress with gifts, I would have had more success, but that just wasn’t the case. I still can’t get over how terrible my overall experience has been with AFFAIRDATING.COM has been, utterly and truly a disappointment.

Negative Features Of

NO ‘REAL’ WOMEN LOOKING FOR AFFAIRS: If you’re looking to find a mistres, which I assume you are since you’re taking the time to read this, you will not have any luck with Most profiles are FAKE!

MATCHES THAT DON’T WORK: The women that I was matched up with were not right for me. It seemed as though I was matched up with whoever was available at the time, rather than someone who was what I was looking for. I did not have a lot in common with any of the girls that I actually went out on a date with. I found that this made the date even more difficult since we had little to talk about to help break the ice or even to spark interest in each other.

SUGAR BABIES THAT DON’T DELIVER: I found that on each of my dates that women wanted what I had promised, whether it be to pay a bill or two for her, or to buy her new clothes, or to give her straight cash, before she actually followed through on her end. I understand that this is a business deal to a certain extent, but there has to be follow-through on both ends here, not just mine.

Is Worth It?

Absolutely NOT! This is the worst dating site out there today! You are not matched up with ladies that are right for you in any way! Don’t waste a dime or any of your valuable time with this one, I’m warning you, you will HATE it! The best decision that you can make right now is to NOT JOIN! Check out Top Affair Dating Site Reviews to find out everything that you need to know about dating sites that are right for you.