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Mental Health Benefits When Having An Affair

The Mental Health Benefits When Having An Affair

Having an affair is more than just being with someone else. It can help you actually be a better, more happy person. People who cheat aren’t terrible people, sometimes they cheat to make their lives better. Isn’t your happiness worth something? You deserve to be happy and healthy. Don’t let your relationship or your marriage get you down anymore. Here are some reasons that prove that having an affair can boost your mental health. It can be tricky ground to have a love affair with a married man, but don’t take it from …

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Is It Ok To Cheat On Your Partner Or Help Them Cheat?

Is It Okay To Cheat?

This is a question that often comes up. The average person will tell you that cheating is not okay. That you are a bad person for cheating. But are you? We do not think so. If anything, it is healthy for you to have an affair. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself in any way shape or form.

It’ll Save Your Marriage

It only takes one affair to save your marriage for life. If you are unhappy, then let yourself be happy. You don’t need to stay faithful to someone in order to love them and be happy …

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Why Don’t They Just Get A Divorce Instead Of Cheating?

Why Don’t They Just Get A Divorce?

You have been doing the whole marriage dating thing for a while. You have met some incredible people, but there is still one thought that occupies your brain; Why don’t they just get a divorce? This seems like the obvious solution, but it is not that simple. Here are some of the main reasons why people have affairs, but still stay in their marriage.

They Love Their Spouse

The simple answer is that they are still in love with their spouse. While to you it might not seem like it, but they could still be very …

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Dealing With Opinions Of Others About What You’re Doing

Dealing With Other People’s Opinions When You’re Having An Affair

Being open with your friends and family about who you are dating can feel nice. What girl doesn’t like to gossip? However, we understand that when you are involved with a married man. Explaining that to other people can be tricky. You will get judged, you will get lectured, you will need to explain yourself. Here are some tips to help you deal with the opinions of others about your dating life. Fun fact: We like dating married men. If they can’t seem to understand this, send them over to Orca …

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A Few Tips For Having A Deep Affair With A Gay Man

Having An Affair With A Gay Man

As we know, the rules in gay relationships are different than the rules for straight relationships. Most gay relationships are ok with cheating because they understand that men need to have more than one partner. Now this is usually an unspoken agreementas most affairs are. We want to help you find a nice man that you can have some fun with while your husband is at the gym or out of town.

Finding The Gay Affair That’s Right For You

Signing up with one of Top Affair Dating Sites’ recommended affair dating sites can give you …

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How To Keep Your Love Affair Interesting And Exciting

How To Keep Your Affair Interesting

The number one thing you want to do is keep your affair interesting. As long as it’s hot, they person will stick around. Remember,when things get boring, it stops being fun and the other person moves on. Don’t let your lover lose interest. Keep the spark alive and have the time of your life. Having an affair isn’t suppose to be work, that is what your marriage is for.

Surprise Them

We aren’t saying surprise them at work unless you know that the situation will be ok. Don’t show up at your married boyfriend’s office for sex …

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There Are Many Benefits Of Having An Open Relationship

The Benefits Of Having An Open Relationship

Cheating to some people can be taboo with all the lying and sneaking around. So, why not try an open relationship? Many popular celebrities including Will and Jada Smith have an open relationship and they are stronger than ever and have a happy and successful life together. There are plenty of benefits of having an open marriage.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Emotional Cheating

We all know that humans are not meant to be committed to one person forever. We are creatures who need to explore our sexuality with more people. Being open in a …

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How To Bring Someone Else Into Your Relationship

Bring Someone Else Into Your Marriage

You don’t have to have an affair, but still bring someone new into your relationship. Convince your partner that your relationship could use a little spicing up and why not bring a stranger into the mix. Here is how to go about having inviting someone else into your relationship. Sometimes bringing someone else into your relationship, sexually, can save it. Your Tango wrote an article about a couple whose marriage was saved because they decided to have a threesome. It’s not unheard of, so why not try it.

Have An Open Discussion

Make sure they are in …

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How To Have Discreet Dates In Public With Your Lover

How To Have Discreet Dates In Public With Your Mistress

We all know how much fun married dating is, but there’s one small problem about this. How do you going on dates in public without getting caught? We have come up with some clever ways to help you go out without being noticed.

Show Up Alone And Leave Alone

Never show up anywhere together, and never leave anywhere together. Always make sure there is at least ten minutes between you and them getting to some place or leaving some place. Unless it’s a restaurant you know no one will know you at, always …

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Make Your Affair Dating Profile Look More Appealing

How To Make Your Affair Dating Profile More Appealing

You have signed up for one of Top Affairs Dating Sites recommended affair dating sites and you have a profile made up, but it’s not getting you the attention you deserve. What are you doing wrong? Honestly, it’s probably some simple mistakes that everyone makes. Here are 4 tips to help you have a better profile.

Your Biography Blurb

Don’t be boring. If your hobbies are spending others people money, don’t put that down. Write about what your education is, what music you like, what movies you like, if you like hiking, then …

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